Celestron MAK/SCT Range

The versatile C5, C90, and C70 mini MAK offer the best of both worlds. We’re always asked, “Are they for astronomical or terrestrial viewing?” With wide apertures, high powered magnification, erect image optics, included finderscopes, and compatibility with a wide range of 1.25” eyepieces, the answer is a resounding “YES!” to both.


Please note the tripod is not included - this is a seperate purchase.

  • C70 Information

    Celestron Mini Maks bring portability and versatility to a new level. The Maksutov optical design is recognized for being compact, easy to use, and applicable for both terrestrial (land) and astronomical use.


    C70 Mini Mak is a small but powerful spotting scope that includes a tabletop tripod which has built-in slow motion controls, a built-in zoom eyepiece capable of 90x magnification, and soft carrying case.


    General Features:


    • Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design with multi-coated optics
    • 45º eyepiece - zooms up to 75x
    • 1.25" eyepiece adapter allows usage of any 1.25" eyepiece
    • Table top tripod
    • Soft carrying case


    Technical Specifications:    
    APERTURE   70 mm (2.76 in) 
    FOCAL LENGTH   750 mm (29.53 in) 
    MAGNIFICATION   25-75 x 
    ANGULAR FIELD OF VIEW   1.3º-.7º  
    LINEAR FIELD OF VIEW (@1000 YDS)   68ft @ 25x, 35ft @ 75x  
    EYE RELIEF   22 mm @ 25x  
    NEAR FOCUS  16ft @ 25x  
    OPTICAL COATINGS  Multi-Coated  
    OPTICAL TUBE LENGTH  11 in (279.4 mm) 
    WEIGHT  2 lb (0.91 kg) 

  • C90 Information

    The Maksutov optical design is recognized for being a portable design that is easy to use and has a variety of applications, making it an excellent choice for both terrestrial and astronomical usage. This C90 Mak has excellent optics with razor sharp images over a wide field.


    General Features:


    • Multi Coated Optics
    • Maksutov-Cassegrain Optical Design
    • Compact and Portable Design
    • Erect Image System for Terrestrial and Astronomical Use
    • Built-in T-Adapter threads for Ease of Adapting SLR Cameras
    • Comes with 32 mm Eyepiece, 45° Erect Image Diagonal and 8x21 Erect Image Finderscope
    • Backpack Made of Nylon




    OPTICAL DESIGN  : Maksutov 
    APERTURE  : 90 mm (3.54 in) 
    FOCAL LENGTH  : 1250 mm (49.21 in) 
    FOCAL RATIO  : 13.89 
    FINDERSCOPE  : 8x21 
    ANGLE  : 0 or 45 ° 
    EYEPIECE 1  : 32 mm (1.26 in) 
    MAGNIFICATION 1  : 39 x 
    CARRYING CASE  : Backpack made of nylon 
    LINEAR FIELD OF VIEW (@1000 yds)  : 68 ft (20.73 m) 
    LINEAR FIELD OF VIEW (@1000 m)  : 23 m (75.46 ft) 
    EYE RELIEF  : 20 mm (0.79 in) 
    OPTICAL COATINGS : Multi-Coated 
    CAMERA ADAPTABLE  : Optional T-Adapter 
    OPTICAL TUBE LENGTH  : 16 in (406.4 mm) 
    WEIGHT  : 5 lb (2.27 kg)

  • C5 Information

    Celestron’s C5 Spotting Scope is a 5" (127mm) aperture, 1250mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system. Its optical excellence is the reason it was chosen by NASA for many space shuttle missions.


    The C5 spotting scope is an ideal choice for the serious bird watcher, nature lover or anyone who enjoys beautiful views -either from your home or in the field. At just six pounds in weight and 11 inches in length, this spotting scope is a completely portable visual and photographic instrument that performs well in any viewing location. Further, Celestron offers a wide variety of optional accessories to expand the capabilities of this special instrument.

    The C5’s aperture of 5" allows it to easily outperform smaller aperture spotting scopes. Offering 4½ times more light gathering ability than a 60mm spotting scope and 2½ times more than an 80mm scope, Celestron’s C5 is the clear choice when a powerful instrument delivering brilliant, crisp views is what you require.


    The C5 spotting scope is a wonderfully versatile instrument, and its near focus of approximately 20 feet allows you to observe plant life, wildlife, birds or insects with ease. At the same time, the C5 can also be used as an astronomical telescope. In addition, the C5 goes easily from working as a powerful spotting scope to being a high performance 1250mm f/10 telephoto lens.


    Photography couldn’t be easier, because the C5 is designed to be fully camera adaptable. To take professional quality shots with the C5, just attach the correct optional T- Adapter and T-Ring for your 35mm SLR camera to the back of the C5 spotting scope, and you’re ready to shoot. The tripod adapter block on the C5’s tube makes easy work of mounting the instrument onto a tripod for either viewing or photography. The C5 comes complete inside its own soft sided carrying case.


    General Features:


    • 5" Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Design
    • StarBright XLT Multi-Coating
    • 25 mm (50x) Eyepiece
    • 45° Erect Image Diagonal
    • 6x30 Erect Image Finderscope
    • Water-Resistant Soft-Sided Case




    OPTICAL DESIGN: Schmidt-Cassegrain 
    APERTURE: 127 mm (5 in)
    FOCAL LENGTH: 1250 mm (49.21 in)
    FOCAL RATIO: 9.84 
    FINDERSCOPE: 6x30 
    ANGLE: 0 or 45 °
    EYEPIECE 1: 25 mm (0.98 in)
    CARRYING CASE: Foam Case 
    LINEAR FIELD OF VIEW (@1000 YDS): 53 ft (16.15 m)
    EYE RELIEF: 22 mm (0.87 in)
    NEAR FOCUS (BINOCULARS): 20 ft (6.1 m)
    CAMERA ADAPTABLE: Optional T-Adapter 
    OPTICAL TUBE LENGTH: 13 in (330.2 mm)
    WEIGHT: 96 oz (2721.55 g)

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