Bresser Spica 130/650 EQ3 Telescope with Carbon Texture

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The Bresser Spica 130/650 EQ3 Telescope is an excellent beginner's telescope, capable of showing a wealth of detail on the Moon, resolve the Rings of Saturn, phases of Venus and cloud belts on Jupiter, as well as a host of deep sky objects.  Finished in an attractive carbon fibre wrap finish and featuring a 130mm or 5-inch mirror of 650mm focal length (f/5 focal ratio), the Spica is mounted on the smooth manual tracking equatorial EQ3 mount (including slow motion cables), with tripod and accessory tray.  Accessories include 2 Kelner 1.25" eyepieces, of 4 and 20mm focal length, which give x162.5 and x32.5 magnification respectively.  A 3x Barlow is also included for use with the 20mm, to bring its magnification up to x97.5 (please note: this Barlow is not practically useable with the 4mm eyepiece).  A red dot LED finder is also included for simple pointing of the telescope, once collimated to the main OTA's optical axis.


Another exciting feature of this telescope's accessory pack is the Bresser Smartphone holder, which adapts around the eyepieces and allows you to position a cameraphone over them and capture pictures of the Moon and brighter planets (please note: Smartphones are used at owner's own risk, we suggest the use of a lanyard for safety).


All-in-all, the Bresser Spica is a great package for the budding astronomer and should provide hours of fun sweeping around the night sky.


Equipment Specification


  • optical system: parabolic Newton reflector, 130mm / 5" aperture, 650mm focal length (f/5 focal ratio)
  • ideal for wide field observations
  • equatorial mount for precise tracking of celestrial target
    • extensive range of accessories


Kit Contents


  • Spica Newtonian reflector telescope
  • Equatorial mount
  • Tripod
  • Eyepieces (31.7 mm / 1.25" fitting): 4 mm, 20mm
  • Barlow Lens

  • LED viewfinder

  • smartphone camera adapter

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