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Bresser Quasar 80/900 Refractor Telescope

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The achromatic objective lens in the BRESSER Quasar collects 30% more light than a 70mm telescope and already makes the first details on Mars visible. The rugged aluminium tripod gives secure footing on almost any surface and is easily and quickly set up thanks to its clever design.  

This refractor telescope is equipped with an equatorial mount (also known as parallactic mount). This allows for compensation of earth rotation and exact following of the celestial object observed.



  • optical system: achromatic refractor
  • equatorial mount for easy tracking
  • detailed moon observations
  • easy and quick set-up




  • refractor telescope
  • EQ mount
  • aluminium tripod
  • Eyepieces (31.7 mm): 4 mm, 20 mm
  • Barlow lens 3x
  • diagonal mirror
  • Technical Specifications

    Optical design Achromatic Refractor
    Magnification from 45
    Magnification up to 675
    Maximum recommended magnification 160
    Mirror/Lens diam. 80 mm
    Focal length 900 mm
    Finderscope LED-Red Dot Finder
    Mount Type German/Equatorial Mount
    Material OTA Aluminium
    Material tripod3 Aluminium
    Colour Carbon Fiber
    Total length 90 cm
    Total width 100 cm
    Total height 160 cm
    Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 7.35 kg
    Eyepiece Barrel Diameter 31.7 mm
  • Bresser Delivery

    Please be aware this product takes 3-5 days for delivery.

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