Bresser Messier AR-102s/600 EXOS-1 Telescope

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The Bresser Messier AR-102s/600 EXOS-1/EQ4 is a high quality short focus achromatic refractor ably mounted on the excellent Exos-1 German equatorial mount and tripod.   This is a very good choice for those who want an excellent starter scope, or as an upgrade from a beginner's telescope.  This telescope is a maintainence free, no fuss instrument, excelling at widefield deep sky observations, but also providing pleasing views of the Moon and brighter planets too.  It comes complete with the ultra-stable, yet highly portable Exos-1 mount and accessories such as a 1.25" star diagonal, 26mm Bresser Plossl eyepiece and 6x30 finderscope.  The tube is supported on the mount via tube rings, including a carry handle (with piggyback camera platform) and a Vixen profile dovetail for quick mounting the the equatorial head.


The ace up the sleeve of the AR-102s is its focuser - the highly regarded Hexfocus system, whose hexagonal cross section and bearings support the inner drawtube no matter what orientation the telescope is at.  Its low profile rack and pinion system offers higher loading capacity than equivalent instrument's Crayford-style focusers - especially when the telescope is pointed at high altitude.


Bresser Messier AR-102s/600 EXOS-1/EQ4 Overview:


    • 102mm achromatic refractor with stable mount                              

    • D: 102mm; F: 600mm; F/D: F/6

    • Equatorial EXOS-1 Mount for up to 7 kg                                   

    • Optional tracking motor available                                   

    • Included: Messier AR-102S, EXOS-1, Acc.                                   

    • Excellent focuser with 65mm diameter                                   

    • Steel tube tripod for maximum rigidity                                   

    • Rigid aluminium handle with camera support                                   

    • Optimized finder bracket for comfortable use                                   

    • Bubble level for easy tripod




- Excellent focuser with 65mm diameter  

- Bubble level for easy tripod setup   

- 6x30 straight through viewfinder with reticle  

- optimized finder socket for comfortable use  

- Cradle rings with handle and integrated piggyback camera holder (1/4 thread)  

- Dovetail plate with stainless steel rail   

- 50.8mm (2) to 31.7mm (1,25) adapter with integrated T2 thread (T2-adapter ring for your camera is needed)


What's in the box:


• 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece (31.7mm / 1.25")
• integrated 31.7 mm and T2 adapter
• adapter for 50.8 mm (2")
• mounting ring (for EXOS and similar mounts)
• handle with camera holder
• 6x30 Viewfinder
• astronomy PC software Stellarium
• Telescope book
• rotatable star map
• EXOS 1 German equatorial mount with steel tube field tripod

  • Technical Specifications

    Optical design Achromatic Refractor
    Magnification from 23
    Maximum recommended magnification 204
    Mirror/Lens diam. 102 mm
    Focal length 600 mm
    Aperture ratio 5.9
    Angular resolution 1.3 arc seconds
    Finderscope 6 x 30 mm
    Mount Type German/Equatorial Mount
    Material OTA Aluminium
    Fine movements Manual (RA and DEC)
    Material tripod3 Steel/chromium-plated steel
    Focusing system 2.5" Hexafoc
    Colour white
    Dust protection caps Dust protection caps for front lens and eyepiece holder
    Product series Messier
    Ext. warranty after online registration* 10 Years
    Net weight OTA (incl. accessories) 3.9 kg
    Total length 100 cm
    Total width 100 cm
    Total height 165 cm
    Tube diameter 103 mm
    Tube length 600 mm
    Tripod height adjustment
    Maximum load capacity 7 kg
    Net weight mount (incl. accessories) 3.8 kg
    Counterweight 2.5 kg
  • Delivery Information

    Please be aware this product takes 3-5 days for delivery.


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