Bresser AR-102/600 EQ-3 AT-3 Refractor Telescope

SKU: 4602600

The BRESSER AR-102/600 convinces by its modern design and its brilliant imaging quality. 

Ambitious beginners will see the brightest objects outside our solar system with the BRESSER AR-102/600. Watch details in the Great Orion Nebula from the astonishing distance of 1500 lightyears ( km)! Scanning the lunar terminator is simply a pleasure. Scanning the Milky Way in Saggitarius shows a multitude of deep-sky objects. 

The powerful achromatic refractor in carbon look is the core of this telescope. The compact tube with a diameter of 102mm and a focal length of 600mm is equipped with a sturdy 2" metal focuser. Already included is a 50,8mm (2") to 31,7mm (1.25") eyepiece adapter. So both of the most common eyepiece sizes can be used for this telescope. Two Kellner eyepieces (25mm and 10mm) are part of the set. The solid EQ3 mount and the height adjustable aluminium tripod form the base for stable observations.

This complete telescope set is also ideal for traveling star observers due its compact size. It can easily be assembled and disassembled and thus can be stowed space-saving in a car.

NOTE: If you require automatic star tracking, the telescope mount can also be retrofitted with the optional motor set part No. 4951400.




  • Optical System: achromatic refractor telescope
  • Magnification: 24x-120x
  • Aperture: 102mm
  • Focal length, aperture ratio: 600mm, f/5.8
  • Mount: EQ3 equatorial mount
  • Eyepiece plug diameter: 31,7mm (with adapter) / 50,8mm (standard)
  • Max. recommended magnification: 204x
  • Tripod: Aluminium 




  • Telescope
  • EQ3-Mount
  • Aluminium-tripod
  • 2 eyepieces (K-25mm, K-10mm)
  • 50,8mm (2") eyepiece adapter
  • 2x barlow lens
  • Zenith mirror
  • LED-finder
  • Bresser Delivery Information ***Please Note***

    Bresser products are now shipped directly from Germany. Delivery takes approx. 3-5 days. Please contact us should you wish to check stock availability or delivery times.

  • Technical Specifications

    Optical design Achromatic Refractor
    Magnification from 24
    Magnification up to 120
    Maximum recommended magnification 204
    Mirror/Lens diam. 102 mm
    Focal length 600 mm
    Aperture ratio 5.8
    Type of coating Multi coated
    Finderscope LED-Red Dot Finder
    Mount Type German/Equatorial Mount
    Material OTA Aluminium
    Fine movements Manual (RA and DEC)
    Material tripod3 Aluminium / plastic
    Transportability good
    Focusing system 2" Rack-and-Pinion Focuser
    Colour black
    Ext. warranty after online registration* 5 Years

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