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Sky Guide March 2018

M44 Beehive Cluster

March brings warmer evenings, the skies tend to be clearer and some of the best-known constellations are high in the sky - March is a great for Astronomy!

Here are some things to look out for:

- M44, the Beehive Cluster (Cancer) can be seen with the naked eye in good conditions although if you look at it through binoculars or a telescope, a swarm of faint stars become visible.

- The Coal Sack (Crux) is a dark nebula in the path of the Milky Way and looks like a hole in the sky - fascinating object.

- NGC3372, the Eta Carinae Nebula (Carina) lies along the line of the Milky Way and looks like a bright patch to the naked eye.

Eta Carinae Nebula

Other objects to look at:

- M42, Orion Nebula (Orion)

- M36, M37 and M38 (Auriga)

- M41 (Canis Major)

- NGC 2244 (Monoceros)

- Castor and Pollux (Gemini)

- Rigel and Betelgeuse (Orion)

- Sirius ( Canis Major)

- Procyon (Canis Minor)

- Regulus (Leo)

The Coal Sack

We hope you have a great month stargazing - tweet us your pictures @Stargazing_UK


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