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About Us

Company Ethos

Born in 2017, Stargazing UK Ltd started with a simple vision - to connect our customers with the wonders of the universe and help explore everything nature has to offer.

We aim to inspire people to explore and learn about the world around them. Through our social media channels, blog and website we educate, share knowledge and support our customers with regular updates on celestial events, product information, inspiration photos and more.

Looking after the environment

We truly love nature and the environment. To be as green and sustainable as possible, we have various processes in place to protect the environment as much as we can including:

  • Arranging delivery direct from manufacturers when possible. This reduces mileage, CO2 emissions etc.
  • Paperfree order and delivery process as much as possible
  • Consciously recycling all business material as much as we can

Customer Support

We are a small business based in Chester, Cheshire, UK. That means we are here for your technical questions, guiding you to find the exact product to suit your requirements. We also have ongoing and after sales support. Though we are not a huge online giant with the lowest price, we are astronomy and nature specialist that give you high level support and advice you need. We also focus on inspiring and supporting the younger generations particularly in STEM fields.